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Finnair’den Önemli Hatırlatma!

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Değerli Acentelerimiz,

Finnair merkez ofisinden gönderilen hatırlatmayı sizlerle paylaşmak isteriz. Satışlarınızı gerçekleştirirken, Finnair’i doğru şekilde temsil etmeniz, havayolu tarafından belirlenen ücretleri esas almanız gerektiğini hatırlatan mektubun özgün hali aşağıda dikkatinize sunulmuştur.


APG Turkey

Reminder Letter regarding compliance with Finnair agency agreement

Dear partner,

We are writing to remind you of certain terms and conditions of our agency agreement, and in particular of the importance to adhere to the terms and conditions of the agreement regarding the requirement to represent correctly Finnair’s fares and fare rules.

According to our agency agreement you are bound by Finnair Booking and Ticketing Policy. The policy requires that you must not misrepresent information regarding Finnair services, including information regarding Finnair’s fares and fare rules. You must ensure that you and your sub-agents represent in your/their own outlets, meta marketplaces and any other platforms that you/they use, the fares offered by Finnair as they appear in the GDS/NDC enabled channels. In addition, correct representation of fares and fare rules is a legal requirement applicable to Finnair and its agents.

Please note that the above requirement does not prohibit you or your sub-agents from offering discounts off your/their own service charges or other fees or otherwise compensating your customers in connection with selling Finnair services. Such discounts and/or other compensation should however be clearly communicated as a separate item from the fare offered by Finnair.

We may from time to time approach/contact you to discuss sub-agents’ violations of the terms and conditions of the agency agreement. To the extent such agents are your sub-agents, we will ask you to take corrective actions.

This letter is intended as a reminder only and should not be taken as an indication of any actual wrongdoing by you. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the above or any other aspect of the agency agreement, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I am at your disposal and I wish you a very good day

My very best regards

Javier Roig